Migraine Meltdown

Do you know someone who suffers with migraines?

Research has found one way to prevent migraines1.  They studied vitamin B2, called riboflavin.  Taking daily riboflavin for 3 months showed favorable results over the placebo group.  They experienced fewer migraines that went away sooner.  While 2 people had diarrhea, there were no serious side effects.   

It’s amazing how simple treatments may have a big impact on health.

Vitamin B2 is found in many foods such as eggs, asparagus, and broccoli.  In order to get a therapeutic dose you would need to supplement vitamin B2.

For long-term use, it’s best to use several B vitamins together instead of a single high-dose vitamin. This is because they all work together.

We can do a micronutrient blood test to measure our patient’s levels of vitamins and other nutrients.  This helps to customize the treatment for better results.  Patients appreciate not wasting money on ineffective supplement treatments.

I’m Dr. Tim Kuhlman, Naturopathic physician, at www.ChehalisNaturopathic.com.  We’re now scheduling new patients with same week availability.


  1. Neurology. 1998 Feb; 50(2):466-70.