Homeopathy is an integral part of naturopathic medicine. It is currently recognized by the World Health Organization as the second largest therapeutic system used in the world. It is a safe and gentle medicine that started in Europe 200 years ago and became so popular it began spreading throughout the world. There are many homeopathic hospitals in Europe and India.

Homeopathy is widely popular because:

  • The cost is low
  • It can be taken infrequently; often not needed daily or even weekly
  • It acts very fast for acute conditions and promotes deeper healing for chronic conditions
  • It is natural medicine that comes from minerals, plants, and animals
  • It is safe and gentle for children and adults of all ages. Children love it because it tastes good and doesn’t have to be taken every day.

Homeopathy works by improving organ function and enhancing the immune and hormonal systems. It is effective for both acute and chronic illnesses, even first aid situations. For people who have chronic conditions, the naturopathic doctor will often spend one to one and a half hours discussing various details of your life, trying to form a picture of who you are. It is a more personal approach that combines your physical, mental and emotional health. They then study your history and come up with a homeopathic remedy that most matches you. A follow up visit usually occurs in 2-3 weeks.