5 Ways to Love Homeopathy

12009775_1627731307486020_8434534270063582072_nHomeopathic medicine has a powerful blend of benefits.
1. Safety first: Homeopathy uses natural things such as plants and minerals to treat illness.

2. Effective: This is time-tested medicine used for over 200 years of research and clinical effectiveness.

3. Comprehensive: It helps both your mind and body together because they affect each other.

4. Kid friendly: It’s so easy to take the little white pills that melt in your mouth. This is great for infants and children who don’t swallow pills.

5. Pregnancy appropriate: Most treatments such as drugs and plant medicines can’t safely be taken during pregnancy, but homeopathy can help you for pregnancy related problems as well as infections during your pregnancy.

6. Convenient: Save you time and money because in order to work they often don’t need to be taken every day, or even weekly.

You got a bonus 6th benefit. I couldn’t come up with only 5 reasons to love Homeopathy.

I’m Dr. Tim Kuhlman Naturopathic Physician at Chehalis Naturopathic Medicine. For over 18 years I’ve specialized in homeopathic treatments for patients of all ages. I’ve helped people feel better when they almost gave up trying. Please don’t settle for less health than you want. There are many options for healing.

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